Nick Cassavetes is an audacious chip off the old block. I'm sure his father would be proud to see the unusual films this guy turns out ("My Sister's Keeper" notwithstanding). For this US entry to the 2013 Seattle International Film Festival, he has created a production designer's dream: cartoon characters helping with domestic chores (like Snow White), a flood in a grade-school classroom, and a dinner party that becomes a bizarre gathering of humanoid animals. And those are just a few samples.

This film gives us the unique opportunity to examine mental illness from the inside looking OUT. When we experience what our heroine does, we can (sort of) see why she behaves the way she does. Her journey to confront her demons in her hometown doesn't seem to make things any better.

We see:
  • Heather Wahlquist ("Alpha Dog") as Mary, a lovely substitute teacher in Los Angeles, whose drug habits are soon obvious. She makes poor choices and has to suffer the consequences. But she very much enjoys the company of her four children.
  • Gena Rowlands ("The Notebook") is Mary's grandmother Mimi, in furious denial about how her son treated his daughters. Yes, Ms. Rowlands is our director's mother...
  • David Morse ("The Hurt Locker") is Mary's psychologist...or is he her father? Hmmm....
  • Sienna Miller ("Alfie" 2004) is Xamme, who may or may not be suffering from Tourette's.
  • Lucy Punch ("Bad Teacher") plays Mary's sister Amanda, who shared a traumatic childhood with her.
  • Melanie Griffith (Lots of TV) is Patsy, the wife who was stubbornly blind to her husband's behavior with their daughters. But she loves her daughter a lot and is certain that Jesus can fix it all.
  • Ray Liotta ("The Details") has almost a cameo right near the end.
Brace yourself for a LOT of drug use, both prescription and illicit; expect a LOT of profanity and some sexual bits. No doubt this will eventually be rated an R because of language, drug use, and the behavior of the characters. Our screening audience laughed off and on all the way through and we were NEVER bored!
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