Much Ado About Nothing

The 2013 Seattle International Film Festival opening night audience obviously knew their Shakespeare and they REALLY knew their Whedon! Joss Whedon ("The Avengers" and Lots of TV) adapted the screenplay and directed this little black and white PG-13 gem, shot in his personal home over a two-week period. During the Q&A which followed the screening of this little treasure, he said the most difficult part was working outside in his yard, because the neighbors were sanding their floors, many dogs in the neighborhood were barking, and he doesn't live very far from the Santa Monica Airport.

It's really nice working with former colleagues where everybody knows everybody. As you can clearly see by their credits, this cast has worked with him before and it seems they have remained friends.

He worked with:
  • Amy Acker ("The Cabin in the Woods") as Beatrice, the willful woman who hasn't forgiven "that man" for the slight she suffered a couple of years back.
  • Alexis Denisof ("The Avengers") is Benedick, who is every bit the misogynist Beatrice holds in such contempt, furthermore he can't bring himself to utter the "M" word ("Marriage").
  • Fran Kranz ("The Cabin in the Woods") is Claudio, the young man Benedick tries in vain to steer away from matrimony.
  • Jillian Morgese ("The Avengers") is Hero, who makes the fourth for our two sets of star-crossed lovers.
  • Clark Gregg ("The Avengers") is Leonato, Hero's father. He is the host for this weekend in the country that starts the ball rolling.
  • Nathan Fillion ("Castle" and "Firefly") is Dogberry, Mister Malaprop, ego at full sail, with his adoring assistant echoing his every move.
  • Sean Maher ("Firefly" and "Serenity") is Don John, the villain of the piece.
My favorite Shakespearean comedy directed by my favorite American director, which features one of my favorite Canadian/American actors. It doesn't get any better than this!
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Here is a snippet to enjoy:
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