Geography Club

Our teenage years are when we have the greatest need for conformity. No teenager wants to be "different." Teens dress alike, talk alike, and join groups where they fit in. Based on Brent Hartinger's novel (he's from Seattle), this USA entry for the 2013 Seattle International Film Festival seems to be a "Coming-out" gay film that appeals to straights. Most of us liked it because the actors are so attractive and decent. The story is fairly lightweight (this could be an after-school special), but I'm happy to report that it isn't predictable and it IS loaded with people to root for.

Directed by Gary Entin, this PG-13 film stars the following:
  • Cameron Deane Steward ("Pitch Perfect") is Russell, the central character. His father wants him to go to Yale but he really isn't sure what HE wants.
  • Andrew Caldwell (Lots of TV) is Gunnar, best buds with our hero since kindergarten. He only has one thing on his mind, and it isn't his big head that's talking!
  • Justin Deeley (Lots of TV) plays Kevin, a jock who rocks Russell's boat. His family wouldn't care if he came out of the closet, but he can't face his football team.
  • Scott Bakula ("Behind the Candelabra") plays Kevin's father. His own father may have just found the perfect boyfriend and the family couldn't be happier.
  • Ally Maki (Lots of TV) is Min, the dynamic student who creates the "Geography Club" as a place where gay and lesbian teens can socialize and fit in.
We cringe as we see peer pressure brought to bear during one of the many bullying sessions. The upshot is that more than one student is shamed, but the victim reassures our hero that "Things get better." Throughout the film, we are reminded what a bunch of good kids we are watching. Our hero doesn't want to hurt anyone, even though things don't always go the way he would like. We see no nudity, no gunshots, no blowie uppie stuff and only a couple of chaste kisses. I liked it.
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