Inequality for All

This award-winning documentary, submitted to the 2013 Seattle International Film Festival by the USA, is a treat from beginning to end. First of all, it is hosted by former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich, who was born with multiple epiphyseal dysplasia or Fairbanks disease, consequently he is 4'10" tall and makes the very most of it. He has served Presidents Clinton, Carter, Ford, and (he claims) Lincoln. He currently teaches at UC Berkley. He is an economist and philosopher who tools around town in his little silver Mini Cooper S, and attacks life with a joie de vivre that is something to behold.

Ever since he made Clinton's "short list" (...smile...) for a cabinet post, he has been an attack dog about the economy and the widening economic gap that becomes more and more obvious as time goes by. He has terrific graphs and charts that illustrate the necessity for a country to have a healthy and optimistic middle class; he has great graphs and charts that show the sad truth: the American middle class is a threatened species. Consumer spending by this beleaguered middle class constitutes 70% of the American economy.

Director Jacob Kornbluth has done a masterful job of assembling interviews, talking points, graphs, charts and news clips. They flow seamlessly from one era to another, all the while supporting Mr. Reich's contention about where we are headed. There is no need to wait for the DVD: Mr Reich articulates extremely well, we hear every consonant as he makes his points, usually with humor. I loved Dolly Parton singing "Nine to Five" during the segment about American wives going to work. This film is loaded with interesting information and you will never be bored.

There is no trailer for this one at the present time.