This award-winning 2013 Seattle International Film Festival entry from Poland/Spain drew mixed reactions for Director Jasek Borcuch. "Nieulotne" (English captions) drew everything from "the worst film so far" to "I liked it!"

I am somewhere in between because the leading romantic duo is appealing, sort of like golden children, both very attractive and seemingly quite nice. They are Polish students who meet and fall in love during a bucolic summer in Spain. They are certainly hot together and seem to have a pleasant future.

Then in a moment, a blinding flash of rage changes both of their lives.

Featured are:
  • Jakub Gierszal as Michal, who has repaired an old motorcycle and rides it to a nearby lake...to his everlasting regret.
  • Magdalena Berus as Karina, the lovely young woman who wants to know what has him so upset.
We move into the "watching paint dry" phase of the film, with him reluctant to admit what he's done, and her reluctant to admit to him what her own situation has become. Sort of what he doesn't say and then what she doesn't say.

When everything is finally out in the open, you get to make up your own ending! How 'bout that!

No rating. Expect brief nudity and a mild bit of profanity. I think the subject matter would earn it a PG-13.
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Here is a link to the Sundance trailer:
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