Mistaken For Strangers

What a peculiar documentary! For one thing, it shows the documentarian, Tom Berninger, to be as big a dimwit as I'm sure he really is. I can't imagine the family discussions as they agreed how to cut this thing and to actually release it. Doesn't he care how he looks?

Tom's older, very patient brother Matt, is a successful musician, fronting his Brooklyn-based band, The National. Through judicious begging, Tom lands a job as a roadie to go on tour with the band. It is instantly obvious that he tries the patience of everyone with whom he comes into contact.

He insists on filming his own personal documentary when he should be working for the band, e.g.,
  • he leaves tasks undone; 
  • he taxes everyone's good will; 
  • he drinks too much; 
  • he misses the bus; 
  • he embarrasses his brother and the band members; 
  • he fails to provide a list of celebrities at an opening night; 
  • he wastes time; 
  • he tries to get the food and the accommodations free, but is upset when he is fired. 
The manager tells him he "isn't a good fit." (Which is extremely kind!)
His interview questions are inane:
  • Do you carry wallets on stage?
  • Have you ever resented my brother?
  • How famous are you?
  • How many drugs have you done?
  • Then he talks about himself instead of doing the interview.
With great fanfare he announces the completion of his documentary. You have to see it to believe it. Our 2013 Seattle International Film Festival screening audience came out talking to ourselves.
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Here is a link to a trailer:
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