Out in the Dark

It wasn't the gay aspects of this award-winning film so much as the political ones, that had the most impact on me. This entry to the 2013 Seattle International Film Festival from Israel/USA (English captions) examines the difficulties (talk about understatement!) of living amid the hopelessly entrenched conflicts between Israel and Palestine.

Director Michael Mayer introduces us to Nimr, a young (closeted) Palestinian who has been accepted as a student in a Tel Aviv school. He can see that this opportunity might set him on the path to a possible education in England and, most important of all, OUT of the Middle East, where a gay Muslim is in constant jeopardy.

While in Tel Aviv preparing for school, he visits a gay bar, meets, and falls for, Roy, a young attorney in a well-connected Israeli family. What Nimr doesn't want to admit, even to himself, is that his brother is an arms smuggler for Palestine.

We watch intelligence officers as they scour their city for potential threats and see how their search settles on our star-crossed lovers.

This one is a nail-biter because we have attractive and appealing people to root for.
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This U-Tube trailer is provided by SIFF:
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