This collection of short films was memorable for the last one, but let me cover the first four before I wax eloquent about "Walking the Dogs."
  1. "Premature": An extremely clever comedy filmed by a single camera fixed on the dashboard of a four-passenger car. An older Norwegian couple meets their son and his pregnant (Spanish) bride at an airport and "make nice" on their drive home. We see bigotries, tensions, misunderstandings and potential deal breakers quietly surface during this brief ride.
  2. "Kiruna-Kigali": We see parallel stories that are thousands of miles and many months apart. One is a young Rwandan woman in the throes of a difficult (breech) birth, the other is the female doctor who comes to her aid, herself later isolated in a wintry Swedish countryside as she too, goes into labor.
  3. "HowardCantour.com": A film critic allows us to hear his internal monologue about other film critics. He says a film critic will give any film three-and-a-half stars if it flatters his own self-image. I say this is an exercise in Intellectual Masturbation. 'nuff said....
  4. "Boneshaker": This Louisiana bayou based story shows us a Ugandan immigrant family seeking a tent revival in hopes the evangelist can exorcise the devils that make their little girl so unruly. This one featured Quvenzhané Wallis right after she filmed "Beasts of the Southern Wild."
Now we get to the heart of the matter! This next short film had all of us raving as we exited the auditorium.
  • "Walking the Dogs": This brilliant piece was inspired by the security breach of the century when a young man broke into the Queen of England's bedroom at Buckingham Palace and stayed there for ten minutes; her footman/guard was walking her Corgis. Eddie Marsan plays intruder Michael Fagen; Emma Thompson is brilliant as a cautious, but ever-gracious Queen Elizabeth. Their conversation is at first tentative, then it warms up (as warm as a "royal" allows), until HRM offers him a dog biscuit (there is nothing else to eat her bedroom). When the maid finally DOES bring her morning tea, she is simply told to fetch another cup and saucer. This is a 30-minute episode in a BBC series. No trailer, sorry.
I will go on a quest to find a DVD of this Playhouse Presents series!