Five Dances

This entry in the 2013 Seattle International Film Festival was submitted by the USA. Directed by Alan Brown ("Private Romeo"), we see an excep- tionally talented young dancer, fresh from Kansas, trying to come to terms with his unexplored sexuality in New York City.

We enjoy:
  • Ryan Steele ("Newsies" and "West Side Story" on Broadway) is our shy hero Chip, a powerful, precise and graceful dancer, living by the skin of his teeth, but rehearsing with a small, cohesive company of dancers. His disapproving mother wants him to "come back home" and quit "doin' wat'cher doin'." 
  • Reed Luplau ("Mao's Last Dancer") is Theo, one of the more experienced dancers in that little troupe. He makes the first amorous move, but Chip is shocked.
  • Catherine Miller (in her first film) is Katie, a kind-hearted member of the troupe who offers her couch to our sweet bumpkin.
The dance genre seems to be a combination of ballet and interpretive dance; by the fifth one, it has become a bit repetitive, but it's still a pleasure to watch. I couldn't help but wonder if the dancers are paid for their rehearsal time, and when is the performance? I know, picky picky....

If or when this is ever rated, it will probably be a PG-13 because of the subject matter.
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Here is a sample:
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