A Band Called Death

This documentary submitted by the USA for the 2013 Seattle Inter- national Film Festival lets us see a Detroit rock and roll band from the 1970s when Detroit was synonymous with Motown.

Directors Jeff Howlett and Mark Covino start with reminiscences of an idyllic childhood in Detroit: the Hackney family consisted of a father, a mother and six children. The father was an electrician and an important figure in their local church. The children swore fealty to each other, vowed never to fight and to always support one another. When the boys indicated an interest in music, Mom marched them down to the local music store, bought instruments and tolerated (to a degree) their music. ("Turn that music DOWN!")

Their father is killed by a drunken driver, so when they form a band, the oldest brother, David, insisted they call their band "Death." Watch how this decision impacts their success and failure for the next 30 years; Clive Davis of Arista Records would have signed them if they changed their name. You'll enjoy what happens when a demo 45 is discovered by a collector decades after the master tapes were left forgotten in an attic.

Expect no drugs, no sex, and a lot of rock and roll. Even though this type of music is NOT my preference, I found this to be interesting, informative AND entertaining. These are good folks!
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Here is a preview:
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