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This quirky (R-rated) little outing left me with an inchoate sense of dissatisfaction. I was tempted to skip putting any labor into it and leave it unreviewed. Upon reflection it occurred to me that I owe you a review because personally, I wasted an hour and 32 minutes of my life which I will never get back; I would like to spare you that same aggravation.

Writer/director Cory Finley ("Sauna") seems to understand the rewards and challenges of privilege, so it is only natural that he display them on screen ("Write what you know."). Problem is, once he did, we were left with absolutely no one to root for.  I watched two attractive, entitled young women who didn't seem to have enough to do, and you know, "Idle hands..."

His cast:
  • Olivia Cooke ("Ready Player One") is Amanda, the stony-faced young tutor who arrives at a spacious house in the opening scenes. She displays no emotion because she is incapable of feeling any.
  • Anya Taylor-Joy ("Split") Lily is ambiguous about needing a tutor, but she really wants to rid her world of that bossy stepfather.
  • Anton Yeltsin ("Star Trek") I'm sorry to say the role of Tim is the last one in which we will see this appealing young actor. A horrific accident at his home has taken him from us. He is a drug dealer in this one.
  • Paul Sparks ("House of Cards") Mark hasn't endeared himself to Lily. Amanda just sees him as a challenge.The two young women cobble together a plan that should solve the problem for each of them. It isn't anything I would try. Ugh!
Stay home.
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This gives you a feel for it.
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