I Used to be Darker

What's it about? It's about 90 minutes! That's what!

With this inane bunch of malarkey, I ended up entertaining myself by writing down what some of the mumbled words sounded like to me, e.g, Anorexic quinsey. Try to make sense of THAT one! Yes, this entry to the 2013 Seattle International Film Festival from the USA triggered another Second Act Sneak, as folks with less intestinal fortitude bailed out of the theater.

We are supposed to relate to a young runaway (whose sentences tilt up at the end, like questions?) who has landed with an aunt in Baltimore just as THAT marriage is breaking up. Director Matthew Porterfield clearly wants us to relate to this aimless, unhappy waif, who refuses to call her mother in Ireland or to get along with her cousin. Eventually, we didn't give a rip.

We see:
  • Deragh Campbell in her first movie role, is Taryn, the girl most likely to be shuttled from one house that doesn't want her, to another.
  • Hannah Gross ("Wilby Wonderful") is Abby, the acid-tongued cousin. She's the daughter of one of my favorite Canadian actors, Paul Gross.
  • Ned Oldham (he is a musician) plays Bill, a former musician who has moved on to another, more lucrative career. His marriage is ending.
  • Kim Taylor (she is a musician) plays Kim, a working musician who is divorcing Bill but is still mother to Abby and aunt to Taryn.
Both Oldham and Taylor perform original pieces for this film and their fans are very happy. The rest of us...not so much. And no, I have NO idea how the title of the film relates to what we see.
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