Una Noche

This interesting and involving film was jointly submitted to the 2013 Seattle International Film Festival by Cuba and the United Kingdom (English captions). Directed by Lucy Mulloy, this movie has been honored at a variety of film festivals throughout the world, and has won numerous awards.

We find ourselves in Havana with some young adults, a young man and his twin sister, plus a gorgeous young man who works in the same restaurant as the male twin. Our handsome fellow dreams of returning to Miami to live with his father. It is interesting to view the city streets, we can tell that this place has seen better days....

We see these actors:
  • Javier Núñez Florián is Elio, who expects his twin sister to stay in Havana with their mother. Elio is desperately in love with Raul, so he wants to help him reach Miami. It is, after all, only 90 miles away and surely he can cobble together something that can float that far.
  • Anailín de la Rúa de la Torre is Lila, the twin sister. She is teased because she has dark hair on her arms, but she is indomitable. She has been inseparable from Elio since birth, but she can see that he has become fixated on Raul. She accepts that he is gay, but sticks to him like glue, nonetheless.
  • Dariel Arrechaga is Raul, beautiful from any angle, this muy guapo hombre seduces any and all people in his path. He is sure Lila will fall for his charms and is willing to let Elio sell everything he owns to buy the materials they need for their little floating disaster.
By the time Elio has accumulated all of his materials, both he and Raul are on the wrong side of the law, so now it is no longer just their desire to go to Miami, it is essential!

There is no rating, but this is from another country, so expect one blink-and-you'll-miss-it flash of male nudity, little or no profanity, an exciting chase on foot and no gunshots.

You are in for a nail-biting time with people you care about, particularly when they go to sea.
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Captions this trailer, Yippee:
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