Pit Stop

Small towns want conformity. You shouldn't be too tall, too poor, too smart, too clever or too gay. This means the gay men in this small Texas town illustrated here must be discreet and socially acceptable.

This feature film from the USA features a terrific cast of sympathetic characters we can root for. Our 2013 Seattle International Film Festival screening audience was pleasantly satisfied.

We watched:
  • Bill Heck (Lots of TV) is Gabe, an attractive divorced man whose affair ended with his married lover, so he draws comfort from his former wife and his much-loved daughter. He is a hard-working, successful contractor.
  • Marcus DeAnda (Lots of TV) is Ernesto, who finally boots out his inconsiderate house-mate and tries to go it alone.
  • Amy Seimetz (Lots of TV) is Shannon, Gabe's former wife. She is trying to start dating again, but isn't having much luck. She's glad he's around so she has a shoulder to cry on.
  • John Merriman (numerous short films) is Winston, one of Shannon's co-workers. He is extremely shy and his first date with her isn't very successful.
We see other men move through this story, but their relations are handled with discretion and good taste. This film is not yet rated.
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Here is a brief trailer:
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