The Almost Man

If you find it hilarious to watch a grown man pick his own nose and then smear the booger into a friend's hair, this one is for YOU!

Personally, I find it endlessly irritating to see what is billed as a comedy turn out to be an exercise in exasperation. We watch a perpetually juvenile man resort to immature behavior because his wife is pregnant. At least that is his alibi. Actually, that behavior was there before: watch as his friends do the towel snapping bit in the locker room after a round of handball. But now that adulthood should be right around the corner, I see no hope for our hero.

As we exited the theater, a friend and I discussed his wife: What in the world did she ever see in this overgrown boy? Why did she allow herself to become pregnant? When will she admit to herself that they have NO future? She can do soooo much better!
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Here is a SIFF sample:
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