My Dog Killer

Bleak. That is the word that occurred to me over and over as I watched this dreary tragedy.

This 2013 Seattle International Film Festival entry from Slovakia/Czech Republic, explores the realities of a boy in his late teens trying to cope with his gang of skinheads (who only like him for his dog); a real estate deal between his VERY estranged parents (who only want to cheat each other); and a younger half-brother who had the temerity to be born half-Roma (Gypsy).

As depicted by director Mira Fornay, "Môj pes Killer" (English captions) gives us a young man who lives in a vineyard with his father on the Slovak-Moravian border. Our "hero" has only one real friend, his dog Killer. This beast loves him, but is savage and brutal if the occasion arises. He is kept tied up in the yard.

The beautiful opening scene was telling. We looked at it for so long I began to think it was a screen saver. We are treated to endless clips of our hero riding his motor scooter or walking down a row of grape vines in a field. If someone starts to walk down a hallway, we KNOW the camera will continue to run until he has reached the very end and walked out. This is a 45-minute film that runs for 90 minutes.

Our tattooed lead is taciturn, angry, and isn't really comfortable any- where. The people around him are arbitrary, rude and selfish. This makes for difficult viewing. Sigh...
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