What to Expect When You're Expecting

The best thing this sub-par Chick Flick has to recommend it is the cast, so let's start with that:
  • Cameron Diaz ("Bad Teacher") has a weight-loss reality show on TV and has just won a Dancing With the Stars-type contest.
  • Matthew Morrison ("Glee") is the professional dancer paired with Diaz for that contest, and they really "paired up!"
  • Chris Rock ("Grown Ups") has all the advice for new fathers. His oldest boy is the toddler who is a walking catastrophe! We couldn't help but laugh at some of his predicaments.
  • Jennifer Lopez ("The Back-up Plan") is a professional photo- grapher who can't have children, so she talks her husband into adopting.
  • Elizabeth Banks ("The Hunger Games") has tried repeatedly to get pregnant, then succeeds by mistake. It's HER experience that is central to this movie.
  • Ben Falcone ("Bridesmaids") is the sweet husband who has been "performing" by the biological clock. He is saddled with an ultra-competitive father.
  • Dennis Quaid ("Footloose") is Falcone's irritating father. Every- thing is a contest and he is the ultimate Alpha male!
  • Brooklyn Decker ("Just Go With It") drives us all nuts because she is gorgeous, smart, practical and does everything with dis- arming ease...Grrrrrr.....
  • Chace Crawford ("Gossip Girl") is a handsome food-truck oper- ator confronted with an unexpected pregnancy from a one-night stand.
  • Anna Kendrick ("Up in the Air") runs a competing food truck and comes to regret that one-night stand!
You can see by the size of this cast that they know the plot is flimsy, contrived and lame.

Star Power to the rescue? Maybe... But once again I'm complaining about the anatomical detail. Isn't there at least one body part they can leave out of the dialogue in a PG-13 movie?
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Here is a link to a trailer:
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