Lola Versus

A fellow in line before one of the 2012 Seattle International Film Festival press screenings made the observation that we are seeing much more amorality in films lately: People stealing stuff simply because they want to, not out of need; People using other people simply because they can, not because they care; Self-absorbed people sitting around contemplating their navels simply because someone else pays their bills, they don't have to work.

Despite this being an audience-pleasing romantic comedy, those things kept buzzing through my brain. Our heroine may be attractive and funny (the actress has a lot of Lucille Ball in her style), but she is self-obsessed, uses her friends, and takes what she wants when the notion strikes her.

Now I'll get off my soapbox and discuss the audience-pleasing part:
  • Greta Gerwig ("Arthur" 2011) Lola gets dumped three weeks before her wedding. Her friends and family all try to help but NO one suffers like she suffers!
  • Hamish Linklater ("Battleship") Henry is the kind of friend every gal needs...she just needs to pay closer attention to him.
  • Zoe Lister Jones ("The Other Guys") Alice is always there when she's needed, and sometimes when she's not... Her self-absorp- tion is legitimate, she's an actress!
  • Joel Kinnaman ("Safe House") is the dumper in this one. All those wedding plans made it seem too real.
  • Debra Winger ("In the Woods") Mom has trouble understanding her daughter's angst. Maybe being a hippie "back in the day" wasn't so bad after all....
  • Bill Pullman ("Bringing Up Bobby") Dad is full of bumper-sticker aphorisms, not very helpful, but they make HIM feel good....
  • Cheyenne Jackson ("Price Check") only has one scene but I'm always tickled to see a former Seattlite on the big screen.
The theater was jam-packed with young adults who hooted and laughed all the way through. The dialogue is witty and the theme is topical: It's a jungle out there for singles!
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Here is a link to a preview:
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