First Position

This documentary follows six young ballet students who vie for awards in the Youth America Grand Prix, a prestigious contest for youngsters from 8-19 years old. Like with any good documentary, we become acquainted with each contestant, his or her family background, his or her teacher/ coach and hear their dreams and expectations.

These children are featured:
  • Aran Bell is a hot little entertainer. He loves ballet more than anything but falls pretty hard for that pretty little gal from Israel.
  • Gaya Bommer Yemini is the lovely dancer from Israel. Her Copellia is wonderful!
  • Michaela DePrince is a determined orphan from Sierra Leone. Her adoptive family has made her lessons possible and they are devoted, supportive (and proud!) parents.
  • Miko Fogarty has a Tiger Mom and an entrepreneurial dad. Dad says he doesn't have to feel guilty about his long hours because his kids work harder than HE does!
  • Joan Sebastian Zamora was inspired by Cuban ballet star Carlos Acosta and he is the first dancer from Columbia to make it to the finals.
  • Rebecca Houseknecht is the double-jointed California Barbie doll who is trying to validate her talent and beauty through hard work, pain and dedication.
Of course we meet the families and have our favorites. That is true also of the coaches. By the time the awards are given out, we are really invested in the outcome.

We are happy we stayed through the credits because they added post- scripts to each contestant's story. What a nice thing to do!
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Here is a link to a teaser:
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