The Do-Deca-Pentathlon

Testosterone poisoning is not to be underestimated, particularly when combined with sibling rivalry! This toxic combination almost destroys a family, a marriage and a father-daughter relationship. The 2012 Seattle International Film Festival ad reads: 25 Events, 2 brothers, 1 Champion.

Because of an old 25-event grudge match between two teenage brothers (which ended in a contested score), these fellows seem to be in a state of arrested development. One is a rootless professional poker player, while the other has a wife and daughter... and a psychiatrist... and a medicine cabinet full of prescriptions.

His family trip to Mom's for a birthday party is derailed by the appear- ance of the poker-playing brother, who immediately challenges him again, so they can scratch at that old festering scab. The wife is NOT amused!

We see:
  • Steve Zissis ("Cyrus") as our stressed-out hero, goaded by his brother into irresponsibility.
  • Mark Kelly ("Low Fidelity") as that goading, poker-playing brother.
  • Jennifer Lafleur ("Jeff Who Lives at Home") is the increasingly impatient wife.
  • Julie Vorus in her first film, is their mother...she's seen this before!
Written and directed by the busy Duplass brothers ("Baghead"), you can expect profanity, rude behavior and violent, self-centered guys. They square off in everything from miniature golf and Indian leg wrestling, to swimming matches and ping pong. I found the most tension in the arm- wrestling contest.

At least I was able to enjoy something in this R-rated dramedy....