Snow White and the Huntsman

Once upon a time... Here we go again! This time we are in a Computer Generated kingdom across The Pond with most of the wizardry done in Pinewood Studios. Along with awesome castles and battling armies, CGI gives us a Forbidden Forest right out of "Princess Bride": with trolls, tree limbs that turn into snakes, quicksand, ponds belching sulfur and rocks that are swarming beetles. In addition it attaches the heads of well-known British actors to dwarf bodies!

Look at this cast:
  • Kristen Stewart ("Twilight" trilogy) of course is Snow White, orphaned but beloved by the people in her kingdom. Once the magic mirror tips off the wicked queen, Miss White is to be sacrificed so the queen will remain "the fairest in the land."
  • Chris Hemsworth ("Thor") is our eponymous huntsman, sent to track down our fugitive heroine in trade for his captured wife.
  • Charleze Theron ("Hancock") is the wicked queen...and never has this particular queen been quite so wicked! This is Theron's movie!
  • Sam Claflin ("Pillars of the Earth") is our heroine's childhood heartthrob. He's all grown up, handsome and still loves her.
  • Ian McShane ("Deadwood"), Bob Hoskins ("Made in Dagen- ham"), Ray Winstone ("Hugo"), Nick Frost ("Hot Fuzz"), Eddie Marsan ("Sherlock Holmes"), Toby Jones ("Captain America"), and Brian Gleeson ("The Eagle") are the dwarfs!
Our heroine dies from that apple, and while a grieving man hovers over her, we are thinking "For crying out loud! Just kiss her!" Once she is resurrected (no, this is NOT a spoiler, you learned this story when you were a child!), she morphs into a quasi Joan of Arc with armor and a sword, leading an army of loyalists.

This is a CGI-heavy movie with an international cast: Theron was born in South Africa, Hemsworth in Australia, Stewart in the USA and most of the rest in the UK.
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Here is a link to a preview:
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