Without exception, religious rituals and customs everywhere in the world seem weird and inexplicable to unbelievers, while they offer comfort and security to their adherents. "Aujourd'hui," a 2012 Seattle International Film Festival selection from Senegal, certainly proves my point.

Our main character is a strong young man who wakes up knowing this is the last day of his life. Everyone in his town knows the situation and tells him goodbye in a variety of ways. (None of which I could relate to.) Each episode takes its own sweet time and the pace is positively glacial!

I couldn't help but notice that our hero, Satche, played by New-York born Saul Williams, could easily pass for a close relative of Denzel Washing- ton. That fact alone, kept me watching the film, unlike many SIFF mem- bers who grabbed a quick nap during this endless film. There was very little action or dialogue, so their snooze was uninterrupted. Whew!

This unrated film has no sex, no profanity, no sweaty bodies, no gun- shots, no car chases, no blowie uppie stuff or anything else that might capture our attention (or wake us up). And yes, it has English captions. ...Yawn...