This Irish entry to the 2012 Seattle International Film Festival seemed to appeal more to guys than gals (it's sci-fi), but I couldn't help but notice that all the people I spoke with were smiling... That's a good sign!

We have a young man who just wants to be ordinary, but his father's hologram keeps urging him to find an Earth woman to marry and propa- gate their dying species for their home planet. Personally, he'd like to ignore Dad, get a good job and find a nice young woman to date, but the wormhole which made it possible for them to first come to Earth, soon will open again, so time is running out... (Is someone following our hero? Is that hologram real?)

We enjoy:
  • Rafe Spall ("Anonymous") is just an ordinary Joe who under- stands his importance to the revolution taking place back on his home planet...he thinks....
  • Jenn Murray (Lots of TV) seems to be the perfect mother for his children, if they should live so long!
  • Stephen Hogan ("Flat Lake") is Joe's new boss...maybe...
  • David Morrissey ("The Other Boleyn Girl") seems to be a hologram of Dad, who has to trust his son's judgement.
Children's toys figure prominently in this story and they become more and more vital.

This is NOT Art, it's Entertainment!