Sleepwalk With Me

My expectations were at rock bottom as I entered the theater for this USA entry to the 2012 Seattle International Film Festival. Of course anything better than that was a pleasant relief.

I was afraid this was a one-man show about sleepwalking, but instead I discovered that it is a scripted movie that happens to feature a stand-up comic and uses elements from his life, and has other, more well-known actors and actresses in the cast.

We see:
  • Mike Birbiglia ("Your Sister's Sister") is an ill-at-ease boyfriend who chafes at the idea of being a fiancĂ©. He is a third-rate comic who aspires to the big time. The tough slog to success causes a major rift in his sleep and in his relationship.
  • Lauren Ambrose ("Wanderlust") is an erstwhile girlfriend/fiancĂ©e. If that's her real voice, she can sing! This character is so sweet, we'd like to see things go her way.
  • James Rebhorn ("Real Steel") is our hero's father, who talks over the top of everyone and has a plan in place for everything!
  • Carol Kane ("The Bounty Hunter") is accustomed to being talked over by her husband, but always adds, "...and another thing..."
Plus oodles of other familiar faces, as our young couple sorts through the issues that surface after a seven-year relationship...with no wedding. Of course both rely on friends and relatives for free advice, which turns out to be worth exactly what they paid!