6 Points About Emma

Emma has just been struck by the baby blues: she really, really wants her own child! Problem is, our eponymous heroine is in her late 20s, beautiful, independent and blind. This 2012 Seattle International Film Festival entry from Spain (English captions), features award-winning performances from some remarkable actors.

In "Seis puntos sobre Emma" we see:
  • Verónica Echegui ("The Cold Light of Day") is brilliantly con- vincing as our lovely young woman; there was not a moment when I suspected she was not blind. Emma has no plans to fall in love or get married, that would only complicate things, she just wants a baby!
  • Antonio Velásquez ("I Want You") is the neighbor's unemployed brother. He immediately falls for the lovely Emma.
  • Àlex Garcia (Lots of TV) is a facilitator for the group therapy sessions attended by our heroine. He unwittingly has been nominated to be a sperm donor for our heroine.
  • Mariam Hernández (Lots of TV) is wonderful as the wheelchair- bound paraplegic who wonders if it would be okay to hire a gigolo "just for the experience."
  • Nacho Aldeguer (Lots of TV) convinced me that he was a very "slow" young man.
  • Mabel del Pozo (Lots of TV) thinks she should be called "a person who is functionally diverse" instead of "handicapped" ...and she'd like that gigolo's phone number!
Clever use is made of a disembodied voice who talks with our heroine regularly on the phone. This allows her to talk about what's going on and how she feels about it without the director resorting to a voiceover.

Some of us really liked this one, others not so much... One fellow made a really good point about her makeup in some scenes: How does a blind woman do such a meticulous job? Hmmm... YOYO (You're On Your Own).