How to Steal 2 Million

NO. Not that wonderful Audrey Hepburn romp from 1966. No, this is a Shoot-em-up from South Africa that started out sounding to our 2012 Seattle International Film Festival audience, like a Philip Marlowe/Sam Spade film noir. You know, slow-moving, super-macho oneupmanship, black and white photography, deadpan delivery, rain-swept streets, wry voiceover... It has the same dry humor, e.g., when our lonesome ex-con invites a woman into his pitiful digs, she looks at the wash basin by the door and says, "I like what you've done with the place."

About midway through, it became involving. We saw:
  • Menzi Ngubane ("In My Country") just served five years in prison and is determined to go straight.
  • Terry Pheto ("Tsotsi") is living by her wits, taking whatever job will pay best.
Even though our hero did time, he never betrayed his cohorts; our hero- ine has a child to raise. These two are fighting with a short stick. They are out-maneuvered, out-gunned and (almost) out-witted. The more we learn about them, the more we root for them, and you know ME: I have to have someone to root for!

As the double-, triple-crosses pile up, my head started spinning, "That's HIS dad?" "She knew HIM?" "You wanted him to do WHAT?"

This is an involving crime drama, not outstanding, but certainly better than many!

The only trailer I found has too many spoilers, so you'll just have to do without.