The 2012 selection from France/Italy "Impardonnables" left our Seattle Film Festival Audience with a mild sense of dissatisfaction. We had spent time with attractive, successful people who seemed to have a hollow core. They were very progressive in their views on infidelity, drugs, sexual experimentation and lifestyle, but by the time it was over, we didn't much care.

Our two main protagonists are:
  • AndrĂ© Dussollier ("Tell No One"), a widowed author suffering from writer's block. He rents an island with a vineyard near Venice and proposes marriage to the real estate agent while making the deal (whereupon she gets a nosebleed). He is alienated from his daughter but his granddaughter loves visiting him.
  • Carole Bouquet ("You'll Miss Me"), the bisexual real estate agent. She is a former model and is a lovely woman indeed. Not only that, she's fairly smart and takes him up on that proposal.
This is a beautifully shot film with capable actors playing attractive people, but after possible shady deals, affairs and a suicide attempt, they just seem empty. I feared for the granddaughter because she perks up when she overhears someone say that her mother only disappears to get people to search for her. But that fizzles out, too. I suppose you could do worse...

I didn't find a trailer with English captions, sorry.