An atrocity like this could give a film festival a bad name!

This entry from Australia initiated that classic Second Inning Sneak, where almost half of the 2012 Seattle International Film Festival audience slowly and quietly exited the theater. I stuck it out to the bloody end, but only because I was filling my notepad with pejoratives that I now realize I can't use in a PG-13 review.

What set me off (that I can print!):
  • Unattractive people doing unattractive things to other unattractive people.
  • Drug use. (This supposedly is semi-autobiographical!)
  • Bewildering (and extended!) use of unintelligible light and sound.
  • Teeth: false teeth, missing teeth, dirty teeth.
  • Tattoos, each lovingly presented with its history.
  • Grisly scenes of torture and murder.
  • Dirty scraggly hair; in their mouths during sex, over their eyes and sometimes floating overhead....
Had enough of this Art (not Entertainment)? I sure had!