This 2012 Seattle International Film Festival entry from the Netherlands and Spain features a star-making turn by a young actress who is fear- less, sexy and beyond a doubt, the skinniest young woman I've ever seen on screen! But our after-screening discussion included so many negative responses to the story itself, I was surprised. At least I had laughed when she and one of her dates met a friend of his while walking and she pretended to have Tourettes.

We watch a troubled young woman looking for love in all the wrong places while living with her still-handsome father. Her parents never married, so she knows nothing about her deceased mother, and her doting, wealthy father has spoiled her from infancy. Their relationship borders on incestuous and they are as enmeshed as any pair I've ever had the displeasure to watch.

We have:
  • Hannah Hoekstra ("Doodslag") is the gorgeous Hemel ("Heaven") but her tawdry life makes me happy to be living such a mundane one on this side of The Pond! The many vignettes that illustrate her nightly escapades ultimately become boring...you know, if you've seen one, you've seen 'em all...
  • Hans Dagelet ("Swchwrm" - spelling verified) is that charmingly handsome father. You never for a moment doubt his devotion to her and he never steps out of line, but...
By the time he lovingly carries her sleeping body to the bathroom so she won't wet the bed, I'd had enough. Talk about a convoluted relationship!