Saigon Electric

This predictable little romance boasts some great street dancing. I would call it "Break dancing" but in "Saigon Electric," they call it "Hip hop." It's probably the same here; I honestly can't tell the difference. I suspect they are break dancing to hip hop music...smile... Either way, the dancing is terrific!

We have two possible love stories, plus one self-exiled old geezer, a failed dance audition, a recreation center that threatens to be closed by developers and...and... Enough clichés for you? Just remember what I always say about clichés: They became clichés because they WORK!

Now let me tell you what I liked:
  • The main characters were well-meaning young adults who avoided drugs and were careful about random sex.
  • The rare kisses were semi-chaste and respectful.
  • The adults weren't as arbitrary and one-dimensional as they are in American films. They seemed to listen to the youngsters better and were open to reason.
  • All of the principals were attractive and we were treated to countless closeups.
  • The dancers were impressive!
This film is harmless enough and a sweet would-be ballerina/ribbon dancer is the central character. The streets of Saigon weren't scrubbed and shiny, but on the other hand, it didn't seem as though danger lurked around every corner, either. That's a nice change of pace. No gunshots or blowie uppie stuff, I liked THAT, too.

Vietnam submitted this entry (English captions) to the 2011 Seattle International Film Festival.