Something Borrowed

What's borrowed? The Best Forever Friend's fiancé, that's what! This pleasant but predictable romantic comedy has only the actors to recommend it, so let's talk about them:
  • Kate Hudson ("Nine") proves that she's a much better villainess than heroine. She obviously relishes the opportunity to display her inner b**ch and does it very well.
  • Ginnifer Goodwin ("Big Love") is the reluctant borrower. Her secret love from law school has become engaged to her best friend; in fact, she introduced them! Now she's sorry....
  • Colin Egglesfield (lots of TV) is the yummy bone of contention between those two BFFs. I hope we see much more of this guy in the future. (He's into martial arts in real life!)
  • John Krazinski ("The Office") walks off with the movie. With his skilled delivery and sweet charm, he seems to have all the best lines, the best subplot and is certainly the most sympathetic and appealing. We actually care about him!
  • Ashley Williams (lots of TV) made a good first impression as the aggressive would-be girlfriend of a man who clearly doesn't want her.
  • Steve Howey (lots of TV) might have played a scuzzball a little too well; at least he convinced me. Ya think? Yuck!
Even though the plot creaked, we found the actors attractive and we enjoyed the clothes, the (pretend) Hamptons, and all the pretty people. We had characters to root for and there were no gunshots, car chases nor blowie uppie stuff. Whew!