A Barefoot Dream

Maybe I'm jaded, but this well-intentioned film, based on a true story I hasten to add, is another one of those sports stories about "The little guy who doesn't stand a chance, coming from behind at the big one..." You know....

This 2011 Seattle International Film Festival entry is from South Korea and, of course, it depicts a Korean fellow who coached a rag-tag soccer team from East Timor to an unexpected victory in Hiroshima, Japan. No, that isn't a spoiler. It is advertised that way!

My biggest problem was the personality of that coach: he was a big talker, a con man and a thief. He always had big plans but he owed money to everyone. He had played championship soccer at one time, but hadn't been willing to invest the extra effort to succeed.

Of course the heart of this story is watching him grow up, as he starts to care about these children and their dreams.

This is called "An inspirational David and Goliath tale," so you might want to decide for yourself.