This entry from the USA got split reactions from our 2011 Seattle Inter- national Film Festival audience. Some thought it slight and the rest of us liked it. To me, the film is contrived, but sensual and sweet. It isn't really predictable but we are invested enough to care what happens. John Ruby (lots of TV) is a mechanic whose wife objects to his oil-stained hands. He visits a young manicurist in hopes that she can make him more accept- able to his wife.

The manicurist, played by Porter Lynn in her screen debut, not only cleans up his hands, she offers him advise, much to the amusement of her lively coworkers, all of whom provide a generous supply of comic relief throughout the film.

A montage behind the opening credits amplified on the film's name: Each image offered something that relates to "Touch."
  • A manicurist
  • A dog groomer
  • A mechanic
  • A seamstress
  • A pizza maker
  • A masseuse
  • A hair stylist
  • A baker
  • A baby's parent
  • A myriad other images flash past and we identify and smile at each.
I confess my main reason for liking this one was the young man cast in the lead. If television is the only place I can see John Ruby, I may have to start watching it! He makes my socks roll up and down! Yum!!!

I know this movie isn't "Art," but I sure know what I like...smile...
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