Paper Birds

I am a sucker for movies about people in show business. On the other hand, the era of Franco's Spain confuses me! This 2011 Seattle Inter- national Film Festival entry from Spain (English captions) is a mashup of the two. Don't be alarmed though, the central story of "Pájaros de papel" is never confusing and always involving.

In addition, it boasts a sterling cast:
  • Imanol Arias ("The Flower of my Secret") is wonderful as a grieving father, a vaudevillian and a revolutionary. I was struck by his resemblance to Oregon Shakespeare Festival's Michael Elich: he sings, dances and does comedy shtick. His character is heroic and tender, smart and resourceful.
  • Lluís Homar ("Broken Embraces") is terrific as his gay fellow vaudevillian, wary and afraid, but brave when the chips are down.
  • Roger Príncep ("Mil cretins") is winning as the desperate little boy who latches onto them and won't let go.
I could name other cast members but unless you are an avid aficionado of foreign films, it would waste our time. As you could tell by my opening line, I really liked this one.