Forks Over Knives

This beautifully organized and extremely interesting documentary deserves to be widely distributed and screened. It addresses the greatest health problems that plague (and bankrupt) our country, and in time will plague our world. As the world becomes more affluent, other countries adopt American eating habits; heart disease, hypertension, cancer, diabetes, high cholesterol, and obesity soon follow.

The solution? "Forks Over Knives." In other words, whole food fruits and vegetables instead of meat-based proteins. The experts in this documentary offer compelling evidence that has been drawn in part, from the biggest health study ever conducted: By the time Zhou Enlai died of prostate cancer in China in 1976, he had launched a health study that covered the billion or so citizens who lived there. Pockets of certain types of diseases were identified and those localities were studied. Food, lifestyle, air quality, etc., all were examined. It was meticulously conducted and is the most comprehensive health study in the history of the world. It took years to analyze but the results are irrefutable.

In addition, other controlled tests in other countries have been under way for decades. They substantiate a claim that most, if not all, of the degenerative diseases that afflict us can be controlled, or maybe even reversed, if we eliminate our present menu of animal-based and processed foods. This is not new, there are quotes that date back to ancient times which make similar claims about the importance of eating right as opposed to treating illnesses AFTER we get sick.

There are mind-boggling statistics and informative interviews. My favorite study offered charts from Norway that document the health benefits when Nazis confiscated all beef and pork and what happened to the citizens after they returned to their old dietary habits. Amazing!

There is so much more I'm tempted to sit here and blurt it all out, but believe me when I say, I have only touched the tip of this fascinating iceberg. Now I have to go to the grocery store to buy more fruits and vegetables...smile...