This 2011 Seattle International Film Festival entry from Turkey/Bulgaria was certainly different. One audience member who loved it said the main character was 'The Trickster' who took on whatever characteristics people needed. I saw NONE of that, instead I saw a miserable little village in a chronically cold wet terrain being dominated by some sort of militaristic organization that intimidates everyone.

These militants seem to be pursuing a stranger who, just as he arrives in town, rescues a little boy from the river and, to all appearances, restores him to life. He did not seem to be a trickster; he just drinks tea and eats sugar.

After he cures a schoolteacher of headaches, townspeople start to gather by his door for more faith healing while he tries to elude them. An attractive young woman periodically does a sort of scream/ululation that he finds very appealing. Their courtship ritual is unlike anything I've ever seen before, although it didn't make up for the rest of this dreary, confusing and ultimately downbeat film.

Did I like it? Don't ask...