This flimsy little romance is an entry from Germany for the 2011 Seattle International Film Festival. It features a handsome blonde stud muffin who is quite the Renaissance man: He is a successful doctor, sings in a choir, plays soccer on a neighborhood team, swims at a local club, has an ex wife and teenage son both of whom seem to think the world of him, and he is a highly successful swinger, swinging both ways.

In addition we have a long-term couple (20 years) who have finally inched their way into marriage. She is a scientist, he installs high-end art pieces for businesses. Each separately encounters our stud muffin and he becomes involved with both.

This has several things to recommend it. The film is beautifully shot, the characters are convincing, there is a lot of humor and the dialog sounds like it's from the New Yorker Magazine: lots of four- and five-syllable words and esoteric philosophies.

There are also some caveats: Be prepared to watch the surgical removal of a testicle in living color, AND you will see lots of nudity.