Perfect Sense

Does this bleak 2011 SIFF entry from the UK make "Perfect Sense?" I don't think so!

We watch as scientists try to discover why some people are overtaken with incontrollable fits of weeping. They can discover no cause and the epidemic eventually spreads throughout the world...until it also includes the scientists. When the weeping passes, the individual no longer has a sense of smell. This is a challenge to a successful chef who prides himself on preparing food that satisfies ALL the senses because his clientèle is left only with taste and sight.

Next we see moods of violent rage sweep the world. We watch the chef and one of the scientists (now lovers) as they are overtaken by fury, smashing everything within reach. Once this has passed, the individual is left with no sense of taste. Watch that chef kick into gear!

Can you tell where this is going? At least we enjoy the cast; the two leads are:
  • Ewen McGregor ("Amelia") is the chef, dealing with each challenge in a resourceful and ingenious way.
  • Eva Green ("Casino Royale") is the scientist, who mostly chirps at the lab mice and runs down hallways.
It was fun to see McGregor and Green eat a bar of soap and laugh at the incongruity. However, I tend to favor films that make "Perfect Sense." No such luck here.