This looks to me like an "anti-Chick Flick" because the main character, a lovely young woman, has NO redeeming qualities. She is petulant, impulsive, selfish and mean. Her would-be suitors are in turn, baffled, infuriated, hurt and sad. The program notes for the 2011 Seattle International Film Festival describe this enterprise from Hong Kong as a "mash-up of Desperately Seeking Susan, (500) Days of Summer and Singles." I disagree. Those movies boasted a main character to root for. In this one, I was mostly sympathetic to the old boyfriend and his new fiancée; he's a cutie and the actress is beautiful, subtle and sweet.

Our story starts with our "heroine" at an airport with her latest boyfriend. She suspects him of infidelity and their tiff is overheard by a couple at a nearby table. The female half of that couple is instantly sympathetic and her boyfriend is oddly hesitant; it's clear that he doesn't want to get involved.

The "Why" is the crux of the story, although we learn much more about this wench's character when her mother shows up. Remember that saying, "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree..." It's certainly true here.

Every woman exiting the screening was exasperated with that destructive young woman.