An African Election

The future of a new democracy rests squarely on the shoulders of its first president. The important thing is not that he is elected, it's how he behaves when his term of office has been fulfilled. Does he step down as mandated by law? Most of the quasi-democracies in Africa ended up with presidents who became dictators and still cling to power 30 and 40 years later. In Ghana, this is not the case.

Our Seattle International Film Festival screening crowd watched the 2008 Ghanaian election unfold in this 2011 documentary from Switzerland/ Ghana. We hear silver-tongued politicians (I'd have voted for every one of them!), watch weary election workers, join poll watchers and admire the way the principal players deal with a potentially damaging situation.

I sincerely pray this film is truthful! I came away with hope that at least one African nation will continue to govern itself with wisdom and free elections.