Black White and Blues

Did Director Mario Van Peebles attend the Tyler Perry School of Cinema? Everything in this well-meaning effort is overdrawn, is overly dramatic and is overwhelmed by predictable clich├ęs. The boozy, bawdy, smoke-filled world of blues musicians never convinced me for one moment of its sincerity.

The cast does it best with the material it's given:
  • Michael Clarke Duncan ("The Slamin' Salmon") is the saintly Augy, with too-white teeth and a tragic secret.
  • Morgan Simpson ("Clear Lake, WI") is Jefferson Bailey, a repugnant loser much in need of redemption.
  • Tom Skerritt ("For Sale By Owner") is Santa, the owner of a blues club and a long-time member of Alcoholics Anonymous.
Billed as a comedy by the 2011 Seattle International Film Festival Guide, we failed to find anything funny....not once. But you can't argue with their rationale for attending Alcoholics Anonymous.

If you are a HUGE fan of Blues, you might find something special, but otherwise....