What a delightful, interesting, charming documentary. This US entry to the 2011 Seattle International Film Festival has no dull spots, gives us people to admire, and a central character anyone can root for.

"Buck" Brannaman is the real deal, a kid taken from his abusive father and raised by foster parents, he learned how to ride, rope and shoe a horse at an early age. His life story is beautifully encapsulated in this documentary, along with marvelous demonstrations of his prowess with horses.

Robert Redford is interviewed because he had been told that Brannaman was a bona fide "Horse Whisperer." Once he got past his skepticism, he hired Brannaman as a consultant for the movie and even used him as his body double; they have a great anecdote about the experience.

The interviews are funny, touching, informative and engaging. Yes, we really liked this one! (And his foster mother is a kick!)

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Please watch this wonderful preview!
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