Cars 2

This is Pixar's most adult animated film to date. Despite seeing it in 3D, little 'uns were bored stiff with endless plot issues surrounding:
  • International espionage
  • Renewable fuel - vs - Big Oil
  • Metric tools - vs - US Customary tools
  • An International Gran Prix auto race
In fact, a surprising number of parents grabbed their restless tots and left the theater.

On the other hand, I got a boot out of our favorite hick, Mater the tow truck, and his bewilderment when confronted by ultra-modern Japanese restrooms. First of all he can't decipher the signs on the doors and guesses the wrong gender, then he is confounded by the hi-tech aspect of the cubicle itself, and you'll laugh out loud when he encounters a bidet! In my opinion, the scenery in Tokyo, London, Paris and Rome is worth the price of admission.

As always with Pixar, the artistry is amazing and the animation is impeccable, it's just that the plot is too complicated for small children. And I was surprised that the race car Lightening McQueen, voiced by Owen Wilson, isn't the main character this time: Mater the tow truck, voiced by Larry The Cable Guy, takes center stage. But the friendship between these two unlikely chums remains central to the plot.

Some of our favorite characters from Radiator Springs on old Route 66 take a secondary spot, while new ones from across the pond have most of the action (Michael Caine and Emily Mortimer provide two of the voices). We see lots of gizmos, gadgets and blowie uppie stuff, but I must confess, a couple of times I kinda wished I had left with those little 'uns.

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Here is a link to a preview:
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