Canada and Brazil submitted this whimsical bit of convoluted nonsense to the 2016 Seattle International Film Festival. No, there are no captions; it's in English. It switches between line drawings, "real" actors, and cartoons. It is liberally laced with goofy observational humor, although I think I laughed more often than most of the audience.

Director Pedro Morelli ("Entre Nos"), working from a script by Matt Hansen throws us into a chaotic story within a story within a story, although it takes a few minutes to realize what is going on.

The cast:
  • Alison Pill ("Hail, Caesar!") Emma works at a doll factory. They make life-size, custom-made dolls for all tastes and purposes. She draws cartoons and longs for larger breasts...
  • Tyler Labine ("Tucker and Dale vs Evil") Bob works with Emma. He longs for her...
  • Mariana Ximenes ("Party Crashers") Melissa is a photographer's model who wants to write a book. Wait until you figure out which characters spring from her fiction.
  • Jason Priestley ("Welcome to Sweden") Dale thinks Melissa is far too beautiful to bother with something as silly as writing a book. He wants her to throw it away.
  • Gael Garcia Bernal ("Mozart in the Jungle") Edward is a movie director who is tired of blowie uppie CGI-laden actioners. He wants to do something "artistic." We realize that he is a narcissistic cartoon and his creator punishes him by reducing the size of his "member."
  • Don McKellar ("Sensitive Skin") While Horowitz applauds "art," he knows the movie business runs on something more commercial.
  • Jennifer Irwin ("The Goldbergs") Marissa is the money behind Edward's new movie. While she agrees with Horowitz, she admires Edward.
By the time this picks up speed, your head will whirl but I think you'll laugh. I know I certainly did!