The Nice Guys

This R-rated romp (language, violence and subject matter - porn) was far better than I expected. It starts out with a bang and goes on from there. Both of the leads are much-acclaimed, but the supporting actors are pretty good, too. When a cast is led by a couple of birds (Gosling and Crowe) I guess they had better be ready to soar. I just read that they received a warm welcome at the Cannes Film Festival this year (2016).

Writer/director Shane Black ("Kiss Kiss Bang Bang") with writing assistance from Anthony Bagarozzi, creates a pair of private detectives, only marginally successful, caught up in non-stop action, witty banter and great physical comedy (check out Gosling in that mens'-room stall!). The plot is cleverly crafted; I only saw one or two of the twists coming, so was surprised from beginning to end.

Part of the cast:
  • Russell Crowe ("Noah") Jackson is a tough, never-say-die fighter. He doesn't suffer fools gladly: watch him when Holland confuses "Munich" and "eunuch." Crowe may have lost some of his sex appeal, but his acting skills are undiminished.
  • Ryan Gosling ("The Big Short") Holland is a screw up; even his patient daughter says so. He's mostly a con man who dabbles in detective work. Gosling's comedy gets better and better: I saw him steal a bit from Abbott and Costello with nary a backward glance.
  • Angourie Rice ("Walking with Dinosaurs 3D") Holly keeps finding her dad in one catastrophe after another. Of course she isn't above blundering into a few scrapes of her own. Maybe it was her character here, but I am REALLY impressed by this young Australian.
  • Kim Basinger ("Charlie St. Cloud") Judith Kuttner says Amelia is her daughter and she wants her in protective custody. Kuttner prosecutes violations ranging from catalytic converters to porn.
  • Margaret Qualley ("The Leftovers") Amelia is a actually hiding from her mother but she has something to say to the world!
  • Matt Bomer ("Magic Mike") John Boy is also looking for Amelia and he doesn't give up. I loved his fluffy bangs in this one.
  • Lois Smith ("True Blook") Mrs. Glenn is positive she saw her porn-star niece two days after she was reported murdered. I'm surprised Ms. Smith finds time to be in film; she's also a successful stage actress.
Each detective is hired separately to "Find Amelia!" Naturally they run into each other and the two of them "detect" their way into a whole bunch of trouble. Seems like EVERYONE wants to find Amelia.
And people keep getting killed...

I laughed out loud many times and had a terrific time.
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