Family Film

The Czech Republic submitted "Rodinny film" (English captions) to the 2016 Seattle International Film Festival. As this black dramedy unfolds, we follow a couple that leaves on their dream vacation (they left the children alone) but are lost at sea.

Writer/director Olmo Omerzu, working with Nebojsa Pop Tasic, has created this award-winning drama which shows us what children, adults (and a dog), do when things come apart. We only hear that the parents are shipwrecked. The scenes of the dog battling the waves at sea are particularly harrowing!

His cast:
  • Karel Roden - Igor is the papa. He's planned this vacation with his adored wife for a long time. I'm not sure why they took the family dog.
  • Vanda Hybnerová - Irena is looking forward to the vacation and she trusts her children to behave in their parents' absence.
  • Daniel Kadlec - Their son Erik is curious about everything, as any 15-year-old boy should be.
  • Eliska Krenkova - Older sister Kristýna is trying to sort out some information she didn't want.
  • Jenovéfa Boková - Her lovely friend Anna is enigmatic but the more we see of her, the less we trust her. Check out her new version of "Spin the bottle!"
  • Martin Pechlát - Uncle Martin is the sort of man that women do not flock to!
  • I don't know who plays the dog but Otto is brilliantly directed. I've never seen a dog get so tangled up in underbrush but continue to seek a way out. And you can SEE his nose twitch when he recognizes an odor.
An unexpected medical emergency is heaped on the problems the family is already experiencing. In the meantime, we keep tabs on the dog's progress on a deserted isle. It's clear that we are being manipulated, but personally, I didn't care. I just relaxed and was entertained.