The Brand New Testament

Belgium submitted this acclaimed satirical comedy, "Le tout nouveau testament" (English captions) to the 2016 Seattle International Film Festival. Working with co-writer Thomas Gunzig, writer/director Jaco Van Dormael puts together a brash sendup of religion based on the idea that God is alive and living in Brussels with his daughter. He is profane, bad-tempered and cruel.

His daughter concludes that Dad is doing a poor job of it, so takes over his computer. This leaves God angry, powerless and frustrated; he really wants his old job back!

The cast:
  • Benoît Poelvoorde - God (Dieu) complains his job is demanding, but he doesn't appreciate being ousted by his own daughter. She wants to punish him for a hilarious list of annoyances he has inflicted on the human race. His character gets the most punishment and most richly deserves it!
  • Pili Groyne - Ea used her father's computer, so when she leaves through a front-loading washing machine, he is furious. Before she left she had told everyone when they would die. See what happens with THAT!
  • Yolande Moreau is La femme de Dieu; she just wants to be able to vacuum in peace, but her impatient husband, God, doesn't like the noise. She is befuddled and browbeaten, but she likes baseball...
  • David Murgia - Jesus Christ knows exactly what his sister is upset about but he thinks 12 apostles was a mistake. He says their mother had suggested 18, like the players in a baseball game.
  • Catherine Deneuve - Martine is an unhappily married socialite. Her solution made me realize what a fine actress we have in Deneuve.
  • Laura Verlinden - Aurélie is so beautiful all the men want her and all the women think she's a hussy. Watch what happens when the assassin gets her in HIS sights!
The press screening audience exited the theater with big smiles on our faces. To me, of particular note was a unique hand ballet that left me dazzled. And we have to wait through the final credits to see what happens to Kevin (you have to be there)...