Presenting Princess Shaw

This 2017 Seattle International Film Festival documentary from Israel didn't accomplish what I think it intended. We watch a narcissistic young Louisiana woman (Samantha Montgomery, aka Princess Shaw) chat incessantly about herself into her cell phone, posting her immortal words and a few self-written songs on social media.

What she doesn't realize is that Kutiman, a young fellow in Israel, has spotted the potential in her a cappella songs and sets out to make arrangements for them.

As we become acquainted with her compelling back story (she was an abused child) and see her struggle with life (she works in a nursing home), we watch him in Tel Aviv performing his magic on her simple tunes and posting his brilliant results on YouTube. She is thunderstruck.

If this sounds more appealing to you than it was to me, by all means treat yourself to some home movies and thwarted musical ambitions.