Where Have All the Good Men Gone?

The 2016 Seattle International Film Festival was honored to host the world premiere of Denmark's small drama "Hundeliv" (English captions) to an appreciative press screening audience... Well, one fellow didn't much like it... But we saw no vehicular mayhem, no computer generated imaging, and no blowie uppie stuff, so everyone else I asked was impressed. (There ARE guns and gunshots.)

Writer/director René Frelle Petersen brings us a very young woman who longs to meet her biological father; she has just learned he may be alive. She brings her half-sister along, since both have had enough of their mother's abusive husband.

The cast:
  • Simone Lykke - We first meet Sofia working in a sausage factory. It's clear that she has to stick up for herself when the foreman tries to short her pay. It looks like most of the men in her young life are either brutes or bullies, her stepfather worst of all! She wants a man who will look her in the eye.
  • Julie Brochorst Andersen - Olivia is a naïve wild child, but after you see how her father treats her, it's no wonder. One flirty young man at the family bar, William, seems different.
  • Henning Valin Jakobsen - Lars is the stepfather we love to hate. He is arbitrary, brutal and an unfeeling bully.
  • Camilla Bendix - Kristen is too cowed by her abusive husband to defend her daughters.
  • Alexandre Willaume - Adam clearly suffers from PTSD. He has been in the military and owns quite a few weapons. The village nearby overlooks his eccentricities and doesn't bother him on his farm.
As this movie unspools, we find more and more people to root for, plus we get to watch the wildest Monopoly game EVER!

I loved this movie.