Sleeping Giant

The 2016 Seattle International Film Festival welcomed this adventure/drama from Canada. Written and directed by Andrew Cividino (first full-length film) with assistance from Blain Watters and Aaron Yeger, we watch three teenage boys try to cope with boredom at a summer cottage on the shores of Lake Superior.

This award-winning film boasts the following cast:
  • Jackson Martin - Adam Hudson is a sheltered city kid. Not only that, he's a decent kid: he tries to avoid breaking the law, respects his girlfriend, and scorns his father's behavior.
  • Lorraine Philip - Adam's mother Linda can see he's a good boy, but she can't see much else.
  • David Disher - Adam's father William can't alibi his way out of this one...
  • Nick Serino - Nate is Adam's cousin. He is NOT a sheltered kid. In fact, I wanted to hide from HIM! He has a smart mouth, a rebellious nature and NO respect for anyone.
  • Reece Moffett - Riley is another cousin. His specialty is trying to keep up with Nate. They dare each other all the time!
  • Rita Serino - Grandma tells her beloved Nate he'd better watch his mouth and behave himself or she will wear undersized diapers when he has to care for her in her dotage.
Our press screening audience was impressed by the quality of the acting and directing. I found myself wavering between stifling a yawn and holding my breath. Finally, I had to admit those boys were doing exactly what bored boys do: hang out; talk dirty; break the law; vandalize things; burn bugs; play with matches; smoke cigarettes and pot; fight each other; defy the adults and generally try to cope with that overdose of testosterone that seems to affect teenage boys.